John Stainer expansion approved

John Stainer Primary School has secured planning permission for its expansion scheme that aims to cater for Brockley's growing population of young families.

The project will add seven classrooms to the school, which has enjoyed a renaissance in its fortunes in the last few years. See here for details.


If... said...

If only they'd kept the other half and not demolished it, classic short sighted thinking. So yet another meh block on the westside.

Huh? said...

what other half? - have you seen the school in real life? The new block isn't replacing a mirror image of the bit on the right. I think the plans are good.

Man of Brockley said...

If... is right. The school used to be much bigger decades ago when my mother went there.
Still, expansion is good and the tedious 1980's retro styling fits in well with the random perfunctoriness of the area.

PLMR said...

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dsa said...

hi am letisha a member of john stainer but now am in year 7 the teachers there have taught me so far and now look where I am. I hear that your building a new school it looks amazing and one day maybe I should visit there to see how good and fantastic.

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