Love on the Dole

St Asaph Road film-maker Mark is trying to raise money to fund a film called WASTED.  He writes:

WASTED is about a man desperately trying to keep his family together working part time/zero hours.   It's an alternative voice in the whole skiver/striver debate. WASTED takes a look at three generations of men and their relationship to work. It's saying not everyone on benefits is a scrounger. It's saying if being unemployed is a lifestyle choice it's a pretty crap one.

But it's NOT poverty porn.

It's warm, tender, funny; a man out there right now, doing his best.

Click here for the project's Kickstarter page.


Tim said...

There's a debate?

yozzer said...

I don't think anyone in their right mind would regard a workless life on benefits as an attractive lifestyle choice. The amount of pressure has increased substantially over the past few years. It is all sanctions, back to work courses and benefit cuts these days.

Blessed are the office workers for they shall send emails to each other and have meetings and commute twice daily and their life shall therefore have meaning and they shall have the respect and admiration of their fellow workers. used to mean something quite different.

Brockley Nick said...

" used to mean something quite different"

Yes, it used to kill and maim you in industrial accidents, require you to work 60 hour weeks, deny you time to see friends and family, wear you out by your 60s and pay you very little.

gisajob said...

True for some, I guess. The industrial age was rife with hazards.

I reckon there are plenty of Brockley folk who are obliged to put in far more hours than is healthy and suffer stressed lives in consequence. Work for many is a rat race pursued only because the indignities heaped upon the unemployed are a worse prospect.

Not much of a choice, really, unless you are one of the lucky ones with a job worth doing.

Tim said...

You are one of the luckiest people in history. The world is healthier and wealthier and safer than any time - ever! What do you want exactly? You think there was ever a golden era when work was stress free?

yozzer said...

Au contraire Dr Pangloss, I am a realist. But I don't buy your optimism. There was no golden past and there certainly does not look as if the future is particularly rosy either.

Lucky people are those that are happy in their work - a job that is worth doing. I would contend that such situations are a rarity and something to envy. Most people have to put up with a lot of pointless stress because they obliged to be employed or else suffer a great many privations and indignities. Not least poverty.

Stories like this of someone bumping along at the interface between work and unemployment make you question the whole notion of how work is defined. Something which seems rather more to do with making government statistics look good than any credible measure of benefit to the employee.

We have on the one hand the relentless presenteeism in professional jobs, that blight peoples lives, and the absurd notion of zero hours contracts at the other. What sort of cruel joke is that?

If this drama exposes the inequities of one end of this bizarre system of employment, so much the better.

Tamsin said...

They're three quarters of the way there with the funding required - but need to get to their total of £10,000 by Monday. Tedious (a little bit) that you have to register with to Kickstarter to pledge but it doesn't take long and there's the box to un-tick to say that you don't want to be hassled with other requests. You can also log in with Facebook if you are that way inclined. (If the target is not reached the money is not taken from your card.)
He's using the Telegraph Hill Centre as a base for shooting so it is really very local - and supporting the project means you are also supporting the Centre.

PeoplesAssemblySEL said...

We wish this project well. For years, benefits and welfare has been presented as part of a 'nudge, nudge wink wink' jokey fraud culture, as in 80s comedy Bread, to Ali G's to "So why do they call it the welfare state? Is it because it well fare!" The rhethoric has changed recently to demonising people as seen in the C4 drama Shameless and the presentation of the Mick Philpott case. So anything that tries to give a more accurate picture about these issues is welcome.

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