The Brockley Art Heist

Sergey has fallen prey to the preternaturally efficient domestic recycling system that greases the wheels of the conservation area. He writes:

I moved to Brockley (Wickham Road) on Saturday 7 December. I had unloaded this painting along with a few boxes onto the pavement outside Jasmin House, and went into the building with a few items. When I came back out a few minutes later, this painting was missing – someone thought it was free to take and it wasn’t. It is not financially valuable, but very important to me sentimentally. If you have seen it, please let me know. I would be very grateful to have it back. Reward offered — call or text Sergey on 07412 147309.


Tamsin said...

That is such bad luck! Suggest it might be worth a few tree posters in the area - to catch the attention of the same people walking by. An interesting variant on the lost cat theme that would raise a smile at your expense if you can be generous enough of spirit to accept that. And please let us know if you succeed in getting it back.
Anyway welcome to the area - hope you still like us after this rocky start...

Derren Brown said...

There were some old people loitering around... and some tv cameras, but they were nothing to do with me ;)

Good luck... lost cat burglar with priceless painting.

Sergey said...

I pasted some posters around -- hope the Lewisham council won't declare a war on them today so that at least some people will see them.

Thanks for a welcome!

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