Christmas tree recycling across the borough

Having bought the worst Christmas tree ever this year, BC is just waiting for the earliest opportunity to ditch it without losing too much face. A few needles should still be clinging to the branches by the time Christmas Day rolls around but December 28th can't come quickly enough. Here are the recycling details from Lewisham Council:

Christmas trees can be deposited between 28 December 2013 and 27 January 2014, at the following places. Trees that are recycled at these points are collected, chipped and used as mulch in various parks around the borough:

·         Hilly Fields - entrance in Hilly Fields Crescent, SE4
·         Deptford Park - entrance in Scawen Road, SE8
·         Telegraph Hill - Pepys Road/Kitto Road entrance, SE14
·         Talbot Place - Blackheath, SE3
·         Mountsfield Park - entrance top of George Lane, SE13
·         Sydenham Wells Park - entrance Wells Park Road, SE26
·         Forster Memorial Park - entrance top of Whitefoot Lane, SE6
·         Northbrook Park - Baring Road entrance, SE12
·         Mayow Park - entrance in Mayow Road, SE23
·         Chinbrook Meadows, Amblecote Road, SE12
·         Manor House Gardens, Old Road entrance, SE13
·         Beckenham Place Park, Old Bromley Road, BR1

The Council is also keen to remind residents that Christmas wrapping paper and cards can be recycled using the green bins.


Brad said...

'Hilly Fields - entrance in Hilly Fields Crescent, SE4' I noticed a trees been dumped there already. So maybe you dont have the 'worst' tree

Man of Brockley said...

And don't forget, if your too disorganised and antisocial to follow those guidelines you can continue to dump your trees and any other rubbish you have all through February too.

Bells said...

You need a non drop type from Catford plant market (by the theatre) 6ft -£25. No needles!

teahound said...

Took us a while to find it and years of crappy trees, but we always go to Phoebes in Catford now. If you're on the email list you get a voucher for £5 off or a free tree stand. We got a lovely big tree for £18.00 this year. Phoebes are fab!

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