Brockley Gate

Do not underestimate the determination of an angry man.

Chris, who complained about the gate on Platform 2 of Brockley Station being locked after 9pm, has been taking the issue up with TfL, using the original BC discussion of this issue as ammunition.

So far, he's been told that:

London Overground are committed to providing step free access from Platform 2 at all times. Once the ticket gates are closed at 9pm it is possible to contact a member of staff using the help point system. The member of staff will then make their way to open the gate for customers who require a step free route. The station manager is going to review the signage on the station to make sure that it is easy to use this system.

In return, Chris has pointed out that station staff have told him that they are under orders not to open the gate after 9pm and that because the oyster readers are switched off, even if you persuade them to let you through the gate, you have to walk up the stairs to the ticket office to use the readers there.

Chris' fight continues, but if it's bothering you too, please register your complaint here - he'll be sending the link to TfL.