The Ladywell Tavern reopening plans

The Ladywell Tavern closed during the protracted roadworks that blighted Ladywell town centre but reopens later this month. Stuart writes:

The Ladywell Tavern will be reopening on Friday the 13th December with Live music and burlesque on the opening night. I am the Curator of The Misty Moon Gallery and I am the new licensee and my team has helped to reinvent The Ladywell Tavern.

Monty is still around in a consultant capacity. The walls in the pub will be used for gallery space, as an extension to the gallery and there will also be a stage for the bands, we will be having open mic on Sundays, poetry and spoken word evenings and comedy.

The Misty Moon Gallery will still be holding exhibitions and the critically acclaimed "An Evening With..." nights. We have Brian Murphy aka George Roper from "George & Mildred" on Saturday the 21st December, Nicola Bryant aka Peri Brown from Doctor Who in the 19th January and Hollywood lgend Sarah Douglas aka Ursa from Superman 2 on the 25th January. So please come along and support us on Friday the 13th from 5pm.

If anyone would be interested in wall space in the pub please contact Stuart on