Coming soon: The LP Bar

The London Particular is the the gift that keeps giving. When it arrived in New Cross, it helped raise the bar for food in the area. Then it helped nurture a foodie entrepreneurs who can be found at Brockley Market or opening new places in New Cross. Now, the team are launching a new bar for New Cross - The LP Bar.

The website reveals nothing at the moment and the Twitter feed offers only a glimpse of what looks like a bar being built and the suggestion that whatever they are up to, it will involve "LARGE blocks of dark chocolate". New Cross has had its share of phantom bar openings, but these guys are the real deal.

New Cross has somehow managed to shrug off the threat that a small new supermarket opening would destroy all independent business in the area to build a really strong cluster of places to eat and drink - as befits an area with fantastic transport connections, a Hollywood star as its patron saint and one of London's leading Universities at its heart. It's not Dalston, or even Peckham, yet - but it's starting to fulfil its potential.

More to come from New Cross later this week...