Join The Hill Traders

Across the country, the Big Craft markets, use their monopolistic power to drive a ferociously hard bargain with struggling felt farmers and drive independent craft shops out of business. Where once, every high street would have two or three craft shops, today some areas are craft deserts, forcing the public to drive miles every week simply to stock up on craft essentials.

Well there is another way.

The Hill Trader in Telegraph Hill is very much the people's craft store and they are looking for crafty volunteers to join them. Jane explains:

More than 20 locals sell hand made items at The Hill Trader. For this fantastic opportunity most of us volunteer a few hours a fortnight on the till, which is a great way to meet other locals and pick up valuable skills. We are currently looking for new traders to join us who sell unique items and can volunteer. 

 If you’re interested you can find out more here or email with any questions and a description or images of what you make.