My floody Valentine

Lewisham's flood plains
Lewisham Council writes:

Lewisham Council is urging residents to find out if their area is at risk of flooding using the Environment Agency's flood map. The borough is not currently deemed to be at risk, but areas most likely to be affected are places like New Cross, Deptford, central Lewisham, and low-lying areas around the A21.

Visit the council's website to find out more.


Noah said...

That was most illuminating.

I quite like the new streetlights, they make quite a pretty pattern of pools of light across the parks at night so they are less scary.

Lewisham, could do with more floodlighting so we can see the raging torrents of the Quaggy and Ravensbpurne before they burst their banks.

FJ said...

Before buying a canoe, it's worth mentioning that in the hatched area "If the defences were not there, these areas would be flooded." The defences are there.

Magic Flugelhorn said...

Fascinating map! Thanks for sharing. What level of tide is required to cause that flooding I wonder? I need to poke around that website a bit more..

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