The Yard Peckham

No sooner has The Guardian (taking a break from its war on pornography) declared CrossFit the death rattle of Late Western Capitalism(TM) than a CrossFit centre opens in Peckham.

Given BCers vocal demands for local gyms, we thought this one might be of interest - it's called The Yard Peckham and founder Zade says:

"We're opening The Yard Peckham, a functional fitness gym in a warehouse unit in Copeland park next to the Bussey building. The whole project has come about as we weren't a fan of conventional gyms and after we had finished playing rugby at Goldsmiths we needed something to keep us busy. So we started working out in a car park in Deptford and it has kind of spiralled from there.

We are currently in the process of becoming a CrossFit affiliate, once we have been approved we'll be running as CrossFit Peckham. We are looking to focus on becoming part of the community, we want to be able to offer classes and apprenticeships to kids in the local area. We've noticed there are a lot of bored kids knocking about in Brockley and Peckham, who might need an outlet.

The Yard opens this month. You can follow them on Facebook here.