The Royal Standard

The Royal Standard
86 Tanners Hill

Since 2012, The Royal Standard has become hostel with a pub attached. Only guests of the hostel have access to the bar area.

If you've stayed there, please post your reviews here.


Brockley Nick said...

The point is for people to post their reviews. There are lots of threads like this if you click on the reviews tag.

Barry T Cat said...

You been kicked out? The 999 club will help, you don't always need to get a BCers review

Greenwich borders? said...

The hostel is called Journeys Greenwich West and there are some colourful reviews here:

I suspect the mixture of blokes working away from home on construction projects and student backpackers looking for a cultural experience might both be attracted by the same economical prices.

The marketing seems to embrace the trendy Brit Art reputation of Goldsmiths and the splendid buildings of Greenwich but somehow miss out on the urban gem that is Deptford market, which is odd since, as any local will testify, is almost spitting distance.

Andy said...

I stayed at the hostel briefly in 2010, expecting a standard backpackers-style hostel. My only memory is of it being full of stoned, cliquey long-termers who refused to close doors or turn off lights at any hour, one of whom kept both his TV and radio blaring (simultaneously) all night. I promptly relocated to the hostel above New Cross Inn.

Transpontine said...

Another example of marketing Deptford as 'Greenwich West', and it's not even in the Greenwich Council bit of Deptford. Mixed feelings about it, would rather it was a thriving pub but at least it's still being used for some related purposes.

NAT said...

As long as it still has its licence, I think it may again be thriving, when people see sense. The Cranbrook seems prime for an injection of capital and energy given its position.

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