Brockley Market a "blueprint" for Britain's urban markets

BBC Radio 4 has just announced the winners of the 2014 Food and Farming Awards and Brockley Market was one of three markets shortlisted from a field of 150.

Although it didn't win, the judges described Brockley as "a really good blueprint for urban markets" in the UK. Congratulations to Toby and the team who made the finals.


crofty said...

It was a real rave for the market, wasn't it - they said anyone setting up an urban market now goes to Brockley to see how to do it. I was very proud... though still wish there were more produce stalls and fewer takeaways I have to admit.

maisie_moo said...

Hurrah - well done them. And since the winner was in Wales, they can claim to be the best food market in England :-)

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