A-boards, plan B

Lewisham Council has retreated from its hard-line position on Ladywell's businesses' right to roam local pavements. Tony writes:

Ladywell business owners submitted a petition with 500 signatures to the Mayor urging Lewisham council to rethink its heavy handed ban on local shops and cafes using the footpath outside their premises for A-boards, tables and planters. The ban, if you remember, was a result of turning the footpath into a public highway for cyclists and pedestrians - and A-boards and tables might pose a hazard.

The deputy mayor Cllr Alan Smith has now responded. He agrees the implementation of the shared surface pathway was "somewhat heavy handed" and has asked officers to "monitor usage of the cycle lane to ensure that cyclists, pedestrians and the neighbouring businesses needs are met." The officers should take a "pragmatic approach that should allow the businesses ... to use the space outside the shops whilst still allowing access for the paths users." he adds. Cllr Smith says that if changes need to be made in future the council "will ensure there is a full discussion with local businesses before any action is taken."

A little step forward. It was worth kicking up a fuss!