New solar energy co-op for Lewisham

An electricity micro-generation co-operative for Lewisham and Greenwich residents is being set-up. Camilla from South East London Community Energy writes:

SE Londoners are being given the opportunity to: increase the use of renewable energy, invest in the future and reduce energy poverty through a new initiative. 

A group of local people recently formed the SELCE co-op with the aim of: 

- Raising funds to buy solar panels from a 'community share issue': Anyone can buy a share: annual interest for shareholders will be approximately 5% and the share value will be returned after 20 years 
- The solar panels will then be installed on large south-facing roofs in Greenwich and Lewisham. We already have our first 'partner' - a school in Woolwich 
- Our 'partners' benefit from cheaper electricity bills and the co-op receives income from the government's feed-in tariff (guaranteed for 20 years) 
- Profit from this income is spent on initiatives to provide support to fuel-poor households in SE London by improving home insulation and energy efficiency. 
- And we're collectively reducing carbon emissions into the bargain

If you'd like to get involved, you can follow them on Twitter or go along to their fundraiser night at the Amersham Arms on June 29th.