Silent Disco Tropical

Like Arcade Fire, The Sopranos and Pogs, silent discos are something we just don't get, but people seem to like. So here you go:

Silent Disco - Tropical (July 12th)

Summer's in full swing and we're dancing 'til the roof blows off at the Hill Station Café. Our turntable maestros bring you a fiery mix of Latin vibes, a fiesta full of funk and enough Brazilian beats to rival Rio!

So get your maracas out, brush up on your boogaloo and come shake your tail feathers at the Hill Station's very own World Cup Carnivale. Your ticket includes: Wireless headphones tune in & turn on Competing DJ's choose your fave tropical rhythms Free Fruity Cocktail on arrival Prizes for best dressed ¡Ay, caramba!

Click here for tickets (£12).


Monkeyboy said...

wait, what? you dont like the Sopranos?

terrencetrentderby said...

What, no 80s music channel? Nothing like Livin on a Prayer sung badly by tone deaf drunks.

NAT said...

Watching 'The Arcades', now and no I didn't get a ticket either, nor do I get them, and quite take your point....but The Sopranos!, a long deliberate investigation of the misuses of empathy with foreboding and local band theme tune to boot. You must have been more a 'Wire' type Nick? I'm going to that silent Disco.

wall butt said...

I didn't get it before I went to one and previously felt like you did, but I have to say they are very funny and this one is well worth trying out being on one's doorstep and all (yes I will be there). There will be tropical but there will also be non-tropical music, but as far as I know no plans for a specific 80s channel (sadly). Arcade Fire? no I need more persuasion too.

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