Coming soon: The Brockley Deli

Work is under way to turn the old Brockley Cross Supermarket into The Brockley Deli. It's an ambitious project that could help to improve a part of Brockley that has struggled in spite of its central location. Founder and local resident Zoltan writes:

We will be opening a bit later this month and we will offer a combination of locally sourced / London products alongside selected European fare, including fine wines and spirits, cheeses, charcuterie, award-winning pies, selected vegetarian and vegan products and ready meals and ice creams for nights in. 

We will also provide high quality coffee from Allpress in Shoreditch for take-away or relaxing on the premises, to be enjoyed with a range of cakes and patisseries, such as our flour free (gluten free) amaretto, almond and dark chocolate cake. Our suppliers include local breweries and small distilleries. Mostly, we aim to sell things that you just can't buy anywhere else around here!

You can follow the progress of the shop on their Facebook group here.