Misty Moon leaves the Ladywell Tavern

Misty Moon, the team behind the gallery at The Ladywell Tavern, have announced that they are moving on. On the Ladywell forum, founder Stuart writes:

It is with regret that Misty Moon Exhibitions & Events and The Misty Moon Gallery announce that we have parted company with the Ladywell Tavern. With effect from 22nd June 2014, we will no longer be occupying our space behind the pub, and are off to new walls, screens & pastures. 

We will continue to host Bloody Brilliant art shows and extraordinary films and events, with our new Central London friends, FlatPlanet, 39 Great Marlborough Street, W1F 7JG and at a new South East London gallery which will be announced later this week. 

If you aren’t already on our mailing list, please sign up using stuart@mistymoon.net to be kept up to date with when and where we are hanging our hat, pictures & projector.

For the full statement and details of their upcoming events, click here.


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