Lewisham Model Market - Finger Lickin' Good

Brockley Jon here. We went along to the opening of Lewisham Model Market last night, where the sun was shining, the ribs smoking, and the spirit of Lewisham in full effect.

The night looked to be a runaway success, being packed by about 8, with crowds of hungry urbanites waiting patiently outside. Everything was calmly managed though, meaning that queues were fairly minimal - you could get to the bar, and there was just about still room to mill about between stalls or find a spot to picnic.

We took a few photos in the dark, but none of them did the place justice, so below is a snap from their Twitter feed to give you a flavour. The vibe is a sort of a festival/industrial/favela/wild-west hybrid - both exactly what we expected but also much cooler.

Let us know what you thought of last night, or tonight, in the comments below.