Desk-share in Brockley Cross

Local company Coelrind has some office space in the Brockley Cross Business Centre, which they'd like to share. Since desk-sharing is a topic that gets brought up a lot on BC, we thought we'd share the details of their ad. They say

We have 4 Desks (and storage units) to rent in our open plan office. The office has a good internet connection and a kitchen area. We also have a large meeting room within the office (12 foot by 25 foot) that could host 3-4 of our tables. We are open to renting this area as a whole - it would be private and secure. 

Ideally we would like to rent to a startup and/or freelancers who could work with us. We develop and host web portals on behalf of companies. Ideally we'd like to share with graphic designers, web-designers or other like-minded techies.

Click here for the full details.


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