284 bus route consultation

TfL have launched a public consultation about the future of the 284 bus route between Ladywell and Catford Bridge.

The plans will involve introducing more bus stops along the route, at the cost of parking space on Manwood and Chudleigh Roads. TfL says:

We are proposing to introduce fixed bus stops along the existing the hail and ride section between Ladywell and Catford. Our drivers are finding it increasingly difficult to find safe places to stop along this route.

This proposal will introduce 16 bus stops along Chudleigh Road, Bexhill Road, Manwood Road and Ravensbourne Park. The proposed bus stops would be a fixed post and flag, although where appropriate lamp columns may be used. 

They also want to know whether you prefer your buses to stick to the roads or mount walls. Click here to participate. Thanks to Patrick for the tip-off.