Lewisham plans big changes to waste collection

Lewisham Council has launched a consultation to reduce the cost of its waste collection and increase recycling rates - while adding to the number of bins on our pavements and in our front gardens. They write:

Lewisham Council has launched a consultation on changes to waste and recycling services that would affect around 80,000 properties across the borough (all those that typically have collections from a wheelie bin).

Under the title Let’s Talk Rubbish! the Council is asking people to say what they think about potential changes to the service that could see:

- separate collections of paper
- the introduction of a food waste collection
- a paid-for garden waste collection
- changes to the frequency of some collections.

The Council has to make changes to comply with new regulations introduced on 1 January 2015 and to make sure it can meet a target of 50% of all waste either recycled, reused or composted by 2020 – failure to do so may mean big fines for the Council.  

Councillor Rachel Onikosi, Cabinet Member for the Public Realm, said: “We have done really well in Lewisham over the years to avoid sending waste to landfill. We sent just 0.3% to landfill last year saving millions of pounds in taxes and charges and avoiding the most environmentally damaging way of disposing of waste.

“But we could be recycling a lot more. Most of our waste – about 80% – is incinerated to generate electricity. But in the future it will save money if we are able to recycle more and it will be better for the environment.

“That’s why we are consulting on changes that will help us recycle and compost more and produce better quality materials that we could sell on for a good price.”

The consultation lasts until 18 October 2015. To find out more and have your say go to www.lewisham.gov.uk/letstalkrubbish.