Free bike maintenance and advice on Hilly Fields

Nestor writes:

I'm a local resident and I'm going to be offering Bike Doctor maintenance and advice workshops on Hilly Fields, every Saturday (weather permits) during warm months.

The proposed time of the session is between 11am and 3pm. The workshop will run as a one-to-one "Fix Your Bike" session where you'll have a chance to offer your bike TLC and fix most common bike problems under guidance of a experienced bike mechanic.

Bike safety and maintenance advice will be provided, and if the job is bigger than what "Dr Bike" can offer, you'll be given a scope and advice on what needs to be done. The bike stand, a set of tools, disposable materials and some spare parts will be provided. The sessions are free. No booking is required, just turn up at the park with your bike at the said time and look for a bike stand and sign for "Fix Your Bike".

The location is likely to be near the Tresillian Road. entrance to the park.

I'm an avid cyclist and cycling enthusiast and I like to promote cycling and help the community. I have been involved in a similar scheme while living in Edinburgh and that was one of the most rewarding things I've done in my life. Being a qualified bike mechanic and having a couple of hours of free time a week I could not have thought of a better pastime.

Stay safe and happy riding!