Top Chef: I feel the need, the need to recede

For many years, Top Chef cafe (319 Brockley Road) in Midtown has been a totem for a certain sort of 4g inverted snob.

Mention any business that can muster a flat white or has a Twitter account and you can be sure that someone will tell you that Top Chef does it better at half the price.

Well no more. They did some of the best frying I've seen to date. Right up to the point they got killed. Top Chef's eggs have been writing cheques its sausages couldn't cash. We've lost that loving feeling.

In its place, Pistachio is opening. Jenny sent us this picture of a notice pinned to its grey security blinds (natch).

There has been some speculation that this is brought to you by the same group who run the Hilly Fields Cafe (Pistachios in the Park), but by the looks of things, this is a different operation - perhaps the former owners re-branding. Either way, it's the gutsiest move I ever saw.