Deathtrap Junction

BC regular John is worried about the temporary road layout in the centre of Lewisham, fearing that the arrangements made to enable the Lewisham Gateway works have created a dangerous situation in which pedestrians find themselves marooned in the road. He writes:

As I passed through on Saturday I saw three separate buggies finding themselves next to the traffic. The image shows a mother very lucky not to have been squashed. So the women is not blamed, I need to emphasise that there was no possibility of knowing you could not get onto the pavement once you were in the road. 
It was a death trap that I think did not end in disaster because of a burst water main up Lompit Vale, closing the road, thus reducing the level of traffic. This said, as my video shows, is was still very dangerous and the father pushing his baby was very upset and stressed by time he reached the traffic island.

My feeling is that it is only a matter of time before someone is badly hurt or killed. 

BC has made the same mistake as these pedestrians and it does leave you marooned, believing that a few yards on will lie the safety of the pavement - but it is a dangerous mistake. It would be good if Lewisham Council took this up with the builders, to find a safer arrangement or organise clearer signage.