Brockley: Enchantment pours out of every door

Photo courtesy of Alexandra King-Lyle
Like an open source Living Etc, Alexandra King-Lyles' blog 'The Street Where I Live', brings readers a tantalising glimpse of various fabulous lives. Most recently, it transported us to bucolic Brockley - a little place I know called Wickham Road, the home of actress Sarah Spencer-Ashworth.

Sarah's guide to Brockley holds few surprises for BC regulars (Browns, Brockley Market and Meze Mangal are among her recommendations) but her Dachshund is delightful, her kitchen workbench is to die for and you can never have enough lovely photos of Brockley online.

If you love Brockley resi-porn and have exhausted all the SE4 inventory on Zoopla then click here.