Overspilly Fields

The Friends of Hilly Fields need your help to keep the park tidy. Chris writes:

Morning park users will have seen rubbish strewn by foxes who pull bagged waste from open bins in search for food scraps. The first volunteers have begun emptying the bins just before dark to try to prevent this. More volunteers are needed.

Saturday 15 August was the first night. Two volunteers started at the Bowling Green and cleared the bins up all the way along Cliffview and Vicars Hill to the café and the play area. On the first night we managed to empty 12 bins.

On the second night, taking a trolley and some bungees to enable us to carry more bags, we managed 15 bins.

What we really need is more volunteers. Ideally we need volunteers who can come in and empty the bins on the way up from

  • The corner of Adelaide Avenue and Montague Avenue.
  • The corner of Hilly Fields Crescent and Montague Avenue
  • The lower entrance (steps) off Vicar’s Hill
  • The top of Vicar’s Hill
  • The Bowling Green entrance
That would make each volunteer’s workload very small – perhaps ten minutes each. With a few volunteers rotating – and we only need to do this on sunny summer days during school holidays – each of us would only need to empty the bins perhaps 15 or 20 times a year. Get in touch via the contact page if you’d like to help. We have litter grabbers and lots of bin bags.