Campaigners aim to protect Lewisham's health visitors

A petition has been launched, urging Lewisham Council not to enact cuts to health visitor services. Iain writes:

The council has just started consulting on plans to cut health visiting and school nursing services, and many other community services. The consultation finishes 14 August and you can click here to participate.

Here in Lewisham, we almost lost our hospital. We know how important the NHS is to all of us. And because we saved our hospital, we know that if we had never asked, never resisted, never come together and demanded to save Lewisham hospital, that we might not have it now.

What some of us might not know (or have forgotten) is just how essential children's community nurses and health visitors are. The council have had a £4.7 million reduction to the public health budget by central government. This will mean massive reductions to the local health services that help to keep us all healthy and prevent illness.  It will especially affect children.

Children's services are not some non-essential, 'cuttable' part of the local health service. They are central to protecting our most vulnerable children from disease and neglect. They provide the bulk of our safeguarding and public health commitments, from cradle to adulthood. It is not the place of Lewisham Council to take these services away from the next generation, it is their duty to demand they are adequately funded.

Please, for the skilled staff, vulnerable children and community, sign this petition, and once again demand we Save NHS Services in Lewisham.  Keep your eyes peeled for any actions or demonstrations we may organise.

To sign the petition, click here.