The Ladywell Tavern: World's End

The Ladywell Tavern has closed abruptly for refurbishment. The new owners, Laines, who know a thing or two about running good pubs, promise that it will only be for a couple of months and that it will be worth the wait.

Martin writes:

Good luck to the new owners - the place has been through so many changes that I'm hoping it can settle down a little. It's all happened very quickly though - the Ladywell Food Assembly has had to cancel and refund all its orders that were supposed to be handed out on Tuesday, and it seems they were only notified when everyone else was on over the weekend.

I'm hoping it's not going to be like the last refurb which took place during the closure of the high street which went on for months. If only because I'm lazy and the Tavern's only a couple of minutes walk away.

I'd love for it to get back on its feet as the place has so much potential.

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