The St John's Manifesto

Oliver Lewis writes:

'On Thursday 22nd September at 7.30pm the St. John's Society and Vicky Foxcroft MP are hosting a rail summit to tackle the Pandora's box of issues emanating from our rail service at present. Eg. the 8.03 service from St. John's was on time just 11% of time over the past three months; seldom a day goes by when there isn't something wrong.

All welcome - the venue is St. John's Church on St. John's Vale - and feel free to comment on our list of objectives below'

- Renewal of signage at the entrance to the station. This is within SouthEastern's powers to rectify.

- Installation of new and extra seating along the full length of the platform. This is within SouthEastern's powers to rectify.

- A revised time table that runs to schedule. This is unacceptable and we would like a public statement from the management of SouthEastern setting out their action plan, with SMART objectives, to address this performance and improve it by the end of the year. This is within SouthEastern's powers to rectify.

- Further information on the reasons why the station car park was closed abruptly and without consultation, and a guarantee from Network Rail that this asset will not be subject to sale or development. This is within NR's powers to rectify, but SouthEastern has been unimpressive in defending its passengers' interests.

- The reopening and restoration of the waiting room. This would require the enclosure of Network Rail equipment stored in the waiting room, and support and funding from SouthEastern. With consent from NR this is within both bodies' powers to rectify.

- Painting of both sides of the rail bridge above St. John's Vale. This is a Network Rail asset and is owned by them. Two years ago the then community affairs manager for NR advised the bridge was added to an asset repainting register. We have since learnt it has been removed from this. We would like to know why it was removed, when it will be put back, and have a binding pledge that the bridge will be repainted on both sides within 12 months. This is within NR's powers to rectify.

- Community adoption of land adjacent to station car park. This small patch of land is a terrific eyesore lining the main road through the conservation area; its fence is damaged, the land is used for fly-tipping and is overgrown with brambles. We would like to explore adopting the land, turning it into a shared space cared for and used by the community. This is within the powers of NR to rectify.

- Disabled access. This is a long term objective but we would expect a feasibility study to be undertaken at the earliest opportunity given the enormous increase in passengers using the station since 2010. This is within NR's powers to rectify.