Rice Paper Tales at The Deptford Lounge

Georgie writes:

Rice Paper Tales is inspired by Tiet Van Nguyen, a Vietnamese story teller of some of the most beautiful, funny and captivating Vietnamese folk tales.

Trikhon is looking to provide a uniquely Vietnamese alternative to all-time favorite British Fairy Tales with some classic Vietnamese folk tales. A fantastic way to introduce children to tales from a different culture and a great experience for the summer holidays- we would like as many children from the local area to be able to come and see it.

We're also trying something new for tickets: a Pay-What-You-Decide basis, so you book as normal but don’t need to pay until after you see the show. Pay what you can afford, based on whether you enjoyed the show!

Rice Paper Tales is supported by Arts Council England and will be showing at the Deptford Lounge on Sat 10 + 17 Sept at 12:00, 13:30 + 15:00.