Lewisham Gateway aims to get taller

Lewisham Gateway is the mixed-use development currently remodelling the area of Lewisham between the station and the shopping centre.

Phase one consists of the two towers and accompanying public spaces immediately south of the station, which are nearing completion. Phase two will be built on top of the space bounded by the road network.

With work underway, developers have announced a public consultation regarding:

  • Alterations to the size of the buildings
  • Changes to the approved uses
  • Changes to the public space
  • Providing a greater number of new homes
This clearly means that they want the towers to be taller. If this is accompanied by bigger and better public spaces in between taller buildings, that could be welcome, especially given that the tall buildings built and approved are all roughly the same height - a bit of variation would be aesthetically pleasing. 

If, on the other hand, they want to squeeze out the green space already approved or reduce the commercial space, then it could be a set-back for the development of Lewisham as a place to visit.

We'll find out on August 11th, when the first consultation takes place, 4-8pm Methodist Church Hall, Albion Way. Full details here. Thanks to Joseph for the heads-up.