Lewisham borough goes 20mph from September

From September 2016, all council-managed roads in the London Borough of Lewisham will have a 20mph speed limit, to reduce accidents and all the horrible things associated with them.

Roads that are managed by Transport for London (red routes) will not be included at this time. These are primarily the South Circular (A205), New Cross Road (A202), Bromley Road leading to Lewisham High Street (A21) and Lewisham Way leading to Lee High Road (A20). Private roads or those on housing estates are not included in the borough-wide limit.

In terms of enforcement, the Council says:

"The police have said the 20mph speed restrictions will be treated in the same way as any other speed limit. Over time, we expect compliance to increase."

The only downside is the fact that our already-cluttered streetscapes will be festooned with more signs. The Council says:

"Larger signs (600mm diameter) are needed at the entrance points to the borough and smaller repeater signs (300mm diameter) are required at regular intervals, approximately every 150 to 200 metres. We will design the scheme to put signs on existing poles or lampposts where possible and to keep the number of signs to a minimum. Existing signs in affected areas will be reviewed and indications are that we can often remove many redundant signs."

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