Festa, Folkestone Gardens

Festa Sul Prato is a new restaurant in the slightly unlikely surroundings of Folkestone Gardens in Deptford. Between the railway bridge and the skate park sits this pretty little Italian place with an ambitious menu that would make other park cafes blanche.

The Festa team lyricises:

"FESTA opens at eight. We have a Tai Chi group outside and people come in for a morning coffee. Kids go to school, the smaller ones with their parents. People are on their way to work in the nearby offices and light industrial units.

"Mid morning builders from the nearby construction sites come over for a quick coffee and local business folk hold a meeting. Mothers come with their toddlers catching up after having spent time in the playground. On the weekends locals have a leisurely breakfast. The first skateboarders draw their rounds in the skatepark. A handful of people sit with their laptops and work.

"Lunch is for everybody and on Sundays there is a bit more time for it. A couple of ladies sit on a bench and their dogs sleep on the sunny warm pavement. Business neighbours are discussing a new business deal over a glass of wine. Children fetch ice cream. On Saturday a group sets off for a history tour of shipyards, sailors and pirates around Deptford.  A boy’s parents organised a little party in the playground for his fifth birthday and fetch some drinks and sandwiches.

"Office workers come in for an early dinner, families and friends meet for a drink and meal in the evening. Groups of people come after their fitness classes or playing football in Deptford Park around the corner. A community group holds their quarterly meeting.

"FESTA closes at ten in the evening and the last guests go home."

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