Tuesday night is quiz night at the Wickham

If you like pub quizzes with a Master of Ceremonies who commands his audience like he's treading the boards at The Globe Theatre, a warm atmosphere and free sandwiches, then make your way to the Wickham Arms on Tuesday nights.

As long as these nights aren't lost when the refurbishment happens (and there's no sign that they will), the Wickham Arms could become the perfect pub.


Anonymous said...

What time does the quiz start?

Jon said...

It didn't start until at least 9 o'clock when we were there, if not more like 10. It's quite a quick quiz, only 4 rounds, so you don't have to give your whole evening away!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good, thanks for that.

JPM said...

I'm growing concerned about the disruption these cylinders are causing.

In Brockley there have been two incidents, with many left homeless during the fire safety drills that followed. The mews light-industrial sites are the culprits.

Seb said...

Yep, quiz started at about 9:30-9:45 lst week. Quite a good one, and the free sandwiches a definite boon.

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