"Duke of Edinburgh" being redeveloped as apartments

The Duke of Edinburgh pub on Malpas Road is being redeveloped as apartments, primarily aimed at the first-time buyer.

The development is due to be completed later this year - we will bring you the full story in a few weeks' time.

In the mean time, if any readers recollect it being a functioning pub, we'd be interested to hear what it was like.


bob said...

More luxury apartments, that's exactly what we need round here!

An estate agent told a friend of a friend of mine that house prices are due to rise around St Donnatt's Rd, because it's becoming a desirable buying location for gay men. She was told the way to increase her house price for selling to this market was installing an "entertainment area". Now what's that?

Anyway, I never went to the Duke of Edinburgh. Even with my love of "characterful" trad locals, it seemed a little too local.

Brockley Nick said...

To be fair, I don't think the developer is pitching them as "luxury apartments", just apartments, aimed at first time buyers. Don't think that threatens the character of the area.

Anonymous said...

We used to have our Green Party meetings in the room upstairs - landlord was v welcoming and let us have it for free. Downstairs bar was often a bit football-oriented however and you couldn't really have a conversation down there on a match night. I'm glad it's not being demolished though, because it's a nice old building.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see this pub disappear because the original Charrington pub sign sits in my study. Removed for an inferior replacement in the 80s I found it wasting away in the "antiques" yard near St Johns station. Had it restored. Nice piece of history.

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