Some nice pictures of Brockley

For a site which is supposed to celebrate the area, Brockley Central has had a poor photographic track record. While plenty of beaten up cars and derelict spots have been lovingly captured for posterity, the more attractive local sights have been conspicuous by their absence.

This situation became worse recently, when we dropped our camera in the sea.

Fortunately, two residents (Jonathan and Lawrence) have volunteered their photographs, which do a far better job than we ever have of explaining why Brockley's a nice place.

We'll be publishing Lawrence's soon, but for now and for your viewing pleasure, here are some of Jonathan's recent efforts.

Hilly Fields
Hilly Fields again, but this time, with some big stones in it
The view of Canary Wharf from Tyrwhitt Road
Upper Brockley Road (near the Wickham Arms)
Brockley's foremost sporting venue, the Bowling Green
If you have a favourite view that you think would be good for the site, please let us know.


Sue Luxton said...

Lovely photos of Hilly Fields, thanks. Some of the better preserved Victorian houses would be nice too.

Jon said...

Thanks for posting the photos Nick! Sue - I will put nice Victorian houses on my agenda. You do look like a bit of a stalker standing outside people's houses with a big camera though!

If you have a thirst for more top quality Brockers photos, then check out the
Brockley Flickr group...

Sue Luxton said...

I can imagine! Thanks for link to Flickr - lots of photos of Brockley and elsewhere in Lewisham too!

Moira said...

Had a look at the flickr site - some great photos Jon et all. Ever thought about holding an exhibition during the festival?

Jon said...

An exhibition eh!? Well, that is an exciting prospect. However, I would have to bow down to some of the far more superior photographers in the group. Fakey seems to be the king of Brockley photography, or at least of those on Flickr anyway. I wonder if he reads this blog...?

Jack the Lass said...

Very glad to have found this site - I'm a former Brockley resident, now moved to Glasgow though currently temporarily living in Romania for a few months (I get around). How about some photos of the "wrong side of the tracks" (ie Honor Oak estate side, heading towards Nunhead) - I know it's not the conservation area but would bring back some memories for me.

I'd second the nomination for getting hold of fakey, his photos are great.

amjamjazz said...
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amjamjazz said...

Be glad to help out any way we can.

Digital Photography course, Brockley Centre.

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