Shopping - nominate the best of Brockley

This is probably a more ambitious challenge than finding the best places to eat in the area.

The high street is still Brockley's achilles heel and the local options are primarily confined to corner shops, places that never appear to be open and others that seem to exist on 'secondary' sources of income.

However, our recent discovery of The Cycle Team - a great bike repair shop in Brockley Cross Business Centre - convinced us that there must be others worth mentioning.

Here's two to start with:

Magi (Gifts) - Coulgate Street

Would deserve a nomination if only for the number of times that it has bailed out a forgetful Brockley Central when we need a card or present for some baby or other at the last minute.

The Cycle Team (Bikes) - Brockley Cross Business Centre

Hidden away behind security gates, once you get inside, the guys who run this place are incredibly helpful (one rode out on a mini-BMX to buzz me out) and knowledgable. Their main source of business is maintaining fleets of bikes for gyms and the police, but, with a day or two's notice, they can fix any bike problem. Please note, they don't actually sell bikes - only bike bits.

There must be others, so please feel free to suggest other recommendations...