"Brockley: understated gem"

The Evening Standard has discovered South East London.

Yesterday's Homes & Property section included a double page spread, examining the areas located along the East London Line extension.

Brockley was described as "an understated gem," with "a strong sense of community" and "a number of new coffee shops and restaurants."

Apparently, when the line opens, places like Brockley "will be no more difficult to commute to than Clapham, Wimbledon and Richmond."

Brockley Central always thought that Brockley was considerably easier to reach from the centre of town than any of those locations, which are further out and served by overcrowded tube lines which make the peak-time overland service to London Bridge look spacious, but overland-prejudice is a burden we have always carried as a South East Londoner.

An interview with Hilly Fields resident Oliver White helps to put the record straight (he claims to be able to get to Cannon Street in 12 minutes, so presumably sprints between platforms at London Bridge), but the whole feature prompts the question - do Brockley residents want the area to be "discovered"?

What do you think?