New community news blog for Deptford

The Seager Distillery, currently being redeveloped

Sometime poster on this site, Knit Nurse, has started a new blog for Deptford, which is handy, because there's a lot going on in Deptford at the moment that will benefit Brockley both directly and indirectly.

For example, Wavelengths Swimming Pool (equidistant with Ladywell for many in Brockley) is being expanded to incorporate a new pool. The Seager Distillery is also being redeveloped as a new set of apartments, which, while doing little for the local community (and is being developed by Galliard, whose name sends a shiver of fear down many architecture-lovers' spines) should improve the walk between Brockley and Greenwich.

Longer-term, Deptford will also be the home to Lewisham's biggest regeneration project, Convoys Wharf, a 16-hectare masterplan by Richard Rogers, which will create approximately 3,500 new homes (while controversially sacrificing some of the working dock).

Hopefully, The Deptford Dame will chronicle these developments for us.