The missing LINK

This is where the Link website claims the nearest cash machine to Brockley Station can be found (circled in red). We've gone and investigated and have been unable to find it. Even more confusingly, the site gives its address as 383 Brockley Rd (which is the one in Crofton Park that readers have described).

We've contacted LINK to raise this issue and press Brockley Road's case for a free cash machine.

We also hold out the vain hope that if we write the word LINK enough, some keen-eyed soul in the LINK press office will stumble across this site and do something about it...


Anonymous said...

We should ensure more than one free cashpoint, as our next gripe will be about one is not enough.
The wall along near the postal delivery office is ideal.

Anonymous said...


Is the cash point at the petrol station on Brockley Road a paying one? I always assumed it must be free?

Anonymous said...

It was £1.50 last time I used it. I thought it was free too. But the owner does a very crafty thing by stating that it charges for Link customers, the others being free. You might think that this then means you aren't charged. It also has a message at the bottom, you can barely see it, that says it charges.
I got my money back, but didn't cash the cheque in time, so it's still here!

Ploomie said...

Can you post the details of link so we can all write to them to get a cashpoint?

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