Tennis in Brockley (updated)

While a little short of other sports facilities, Brockley is great for tennis.

Hilly Fields and Telegraph Hill both offer well-maintained courts with stunning views of London beneath them.

This might prove to be a self-defeating claim, but, no matter what time of the year you go for a game, there always seems to be one court free. The other courts, meanwhile, are occupied by a satisfyingly eclectic range of players.

One word of advice though - on windy days, avoid Telegraph Hill - it's pretty exposed and firing tennis balls against the wind can soon start to feel like a chore.

- If you are looking for a tennis partner in the area, please post below or email us and we will attempt to play match-maker. We'll need your contact details, the standard you play to (beginner, average, good) and what you're looking for (eg: singles or doubles opponents).