Tesco comes to Brockley

Be careful what you wish for...

In the early days of Brockley Central, motivated by disdain for Costcutter and inspired by the example of Forest Hill's Sainsbury, we wrote that one of the things Brockley could do with was a proper supermarket.

Well now, Brockley Central's intrepid investigator, John Morgan, reports that Tesco have acquired a site on Lewisham Way.

He says:

"213-223 Lewisham Way is one block on from the Albertine pub (on the left). It's a corner property and used to be a furniture store styled "Mondital". It's been empty for quite a while, and there have been attempts to site a restaurant there, but with some oposition from tenants above. Tesco is to take 80% of the site, leaving the remainder to a worthy entrepeneur. "

On the plus side, this will provide a welcome alternative for many in Brockley to the hapless Costcutter and the pedestrian-unfriendly Sainsbury at New Cross.

It's also far-enough away from Brockley Station that it's unlikely to kill-off the renaissance that the more optimistic amongst us believe is heralded by the development of new local retail units (eg: The Tea Factory).

On the down-side it's Tesco, which for many represents the march of rampant commercialism in to Brockley, which has remained largely untouched (if you don't count Costcutter and Whetherspoons) until now.

It is believed that work will begin on site shortly.

Thanks to John, who now writes a blog of his own: