Brockley Max highlights: open thread

They say if you can remember the Max, you weren't really there...

This thread is for people to share their favourite moments from the 2007 festival - reviews and anecdotes welcome.


Sue Luxton said...

Well, I'll kick things off by saying that I thought the opening night line-up was excellent. I wasn't there for all of it, but most of it. The folk from Felix's School of Rock were excellent, as were Don't I Look Smart, and closing act Groove Digger. Similar sized turn out to last year I thought - for a while the crowd was a little sparse, but it picked up as more trains pulled in.

Jon said...

Right then, well I couldn't actually get in to Moonbows on Saturday to see Earl Green, although him & his band sounded great!

Sunday @ Moonbows turned into a late one, with no-one really taking to the stage until about 9.30. Again, it was packed, but we did find a leaning post by the bar. Honey Cubes were the last act on, and I have to say I think they stole the show.

Looking forward to some hot sausage action later in the Wickham Arms garden - the Cosmic Sausages, of course!!!

Anonymous said...

This is going to sound a bit lame but I really enjoyed the fireworks on the last night - never seen a crowd so in to fireworks before. Great end to the festival.

Anonymous said...

On the main stage: The Shakes were pretty good but i liked the guy from the music promotion company who couldn't even remember his own company's name.

kate said...

oh i wondered where the fireworks came from. i watched from my livingroom window. i had only just put my kids to bed so wasnt pleased at the noise levels....but they looked good.

Jon said...

Sadly a wedding meant I couldn't make the last night, but I did manage the Cosmics!

Even though the weather was a bit chilly, and England were playing, they still played to a packed garden at the Wickham Arms.

Click here for a photo of them performing Anarchy in the UK by the Pistols (hence the pritt-stick up the nose!!)

[] said...

what a brilliant day had by all! I'd like to say a big, hearty thank you to all those concerned. It was amazing to see many people giving their time - for free, and everyone enjoying it.
Praise as well to Brockley Cross Action Group for revealing what the true meaning of 'community' is.
Roll on the next fest.

Brockley Nick said...

I really enjoyed the final night - perfect weather and great atmosphere all round - really good mix of people.

Plus, the impromptu Capoeria perfomance by the rastafarian guy and friends, up by the stone circle was highly entertaining.

Earl Green and The Right Time said...

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us in the Marguee of Moonbow on Saturday night. It was a great crowd and a very warm response. Would have liked to have sung a few more tunes but the neighbours seems to be complaining!!!

We are playing the Saturday night at the Ladywell Tavern if you'd like to hear coem more music.

Thanks again,

Earl Green and The Right Time

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