Brockley Open Studios

June in Brockley comes to a close with the Brockley Open Studios weekend.

Brockley Open Studios was founded in 1992 by a group of local artists in conjunction with the biannual East London Open Studios event organised by the Whitechapel Gallery. The London wide publicity that came with the Whitechapel link in the early years helped to establish the Brockley event. In 1998, the Gallery withdrew, but Brockley carried on regardless.

Open Studios is unconnected to Brockley Max, but the two events share a common purpose - to showcase the wealth of local creative talent and provide a focus for the artistic community which flourishes here.

This year, more than 39 artists in 30 home studios scattered across the Conservation Area will throw open their doors to the public between Saturday and Monday. Neighbours, regulars and newcomers are all welcome to meet the artists and view their work. Admission is free and many of the works are for sale.

Among the highlights this year is an opportunity to see the mural at Prendegast School - not normally accessible to the public. Ruth de Monchaux has served as coordinator for the event since 1994 and is assisted by Biddy Bunzl.

For full details of the event, including a map of the studios and examples of the artists' work, please visit the website


deekers said...

Open studios is a fantastic event. If you haven't given it a go, definately do! I went last year for the first time, and I was wowed by how open and welcoming everyone was: how unique in London to be ushered into a stranger-neighbour's front room and encouraged to inspect and ask about their creations. It was like a treasure hunt round the neighborhood... It left me feeling all glowy and connected to the community. Oh and much of the art is impressive too!

leenewham said...

I had no idea Leo Stevenson lived in Brockley...I'm a designer and wanted to use him a while ago an a project he would have been perfect for but he was too busy. How does it work this open studio thing? do you contact the artists directly?

deekers said...

You just turn up at the participating houses/ gardens/ sheds/ studios. The artists install their work in whatever space they have, and are available and even happy to talk to people, answer any questions etc. The addresses are listed in a flyer that you may have gotten through your door; or you can check the site that Nick has linked to in his post. Grab your A-Z and have a wander round! (I thought I knew the area well... but actually learned of some shortcuts along the way last year). There was some street signage indicating where things were, but it was a bit patchy.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, this is the best of the various festivals in Brockley during the summer. I've been two years in a row now and have even bought some art work. (Last year it coincided with the World Cup but I still managed to fit both in). It's also great to have a nose round the insides of the houses I normally walk past. A bit like a free National Trust thing... there are even refreshments on offer at some places!!!

Maggie said...

Is there generally affordable stuff, say pots that don't break the bank? I'd love to have something by local artists but have meagre means at the moment!

Anonymous said...

Maggie - yes, there are affordable things - but not sure about pots! Lot's of oils, water colours, sketches, etchings, collages, photographs, mosaics and sculpture. I even bought jewellery one year - but don't recall ever seeing pots.

Maggie said...

I bought a wonderful pot! Small but perfectly formed (well, imperfectly, actually, but that seems the point). From Nobuo Okawa on Geoffrey Road.

A lovely event overall. I only went to a few studios - the ones on Manor Avenue, Nobuo's and to Biddy Bunzl on Brakespears Road - but those that I saw were great and there was a really friendly vibe to the whole thing.

I wish there was an equivalent in Telegraph Hill - maybe it could happen...? I imagine there are artists there too.

jez said...

hmmm... I saw those five pots of Nobuo Okawa's on Saturday and decided to put it out to a night's sleep whether I wanted them.

Came back on Sunday and there were four left, but bought them all anyway, so they're all now sitting on my lounge table.

At least now I know that the fifth is in Telegraph Hill!

Maggie said...

Sounds like Nobuo had a good weekend!!! I'm not sure I have your fifth pot as the one I took was in a little row of three and didn't seem to belong to a group of five. Also I went and bought it on Saturday, which was the first day. I wonder where it has ended up!

I also bought a gorgeous platter thing as well which I'm very taken with. It looked great at his house with a dried pomegranate on it, and I'm hoping I've created a similar effect with a pinecone (!)

Now I just have to chuck out all my stuff and adopt a beautifully minimalist Japanese style.......

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