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The Streetcar Site
Sue Luxton has already highlighted this, but Brockley now has a "Streetcar" site.

Streetcar is a car-pooling business which allows people to hire car on a time-share basis with other people in the area.

They now have a car parked on Foxberry Road for members to use.

This is probably an offer that will appeal to a limited range of people - for short journeys it's often easier and cheaper to get a mincab and for longer periods, how far you plan to drive will determine whether its cheaper to hire a car in traditional fashion. For regular drivers, it's cheaper to buy a car.

Still, some people obviously find that it works for them and Streetcar claim that the kind of car-sharing they offer reduces the number of cars on the road (or more accurately, pavement), so it's a very welcome addition to the area.


leenewham said...

ord. Its 150 to join as a deposit (if you leave you get this back). Its great for short trips but for longer journeys its Very expensive.

The first 30 mils are free INCLUDING petrol. After that you fill the car up with petrol via the fuel card included which you are charged for at about 19p per mile OVEr and above the initial 30 miles per day included in your hire.

You can hire a car from 1 hour to a week and beyond.

If you are travelling along way then this is not idea, although for hire of a similar car costs from alamo aren't that different.

Overall its very good. all the cars are VW golfs and they have ipod connectors.

I'm glad we have one in Brockley at last.

Jon said...

Yes, well worth knowing about! It's quite a nice Golf, as Lee points out, although a GTi would have helped more to persuade me to give up my own car ;)

I do feel rather sorry for the person whose house it is parked outside (especially as the website says 'please be quiet when returning the car late at night'). However, I'm sure said person is making good money out of it!

Perhaps we should feel more sorry for the neigbours, who get nothing apart from a steady stream of residents past their door at all hours!

Sue Luxton said...

thanks Nick - I didn't know about this one.

Neil said...

Does anyone know if this is an automatic car or manual, as I live on Foxberry Road and would find this quite handy, but we've only got an automatic driving licence between the two of us, so it would need to be automatic to be useful!

Daniel of "Daniels Counter" said...

Thanks for the posting Nick! I did point this one out to Bob from Brockley (the man and fellow blogger in question), but he argued it was too far from where he was based... I bet they also calculated its merits with regard to family use. I do believe however that there is always an alternative if one wishes there one to be. Since most of you guys in Brockley have a front garden (hence recharging opportunity) electric cars would be another option to at least get the kids to school and collect the heavy shopping bags from Sainsbury's. Apart from that people underestimate the abilities of transportation suitable bicycles

Brockley Nick said...

Bob from Brockley is certainly titan of the blogosphere, isn't he?!

I think car pools need to be really local to be attractive to most people, but hopefully there will be others. One of the new residential developments has committed to providing one...

Brockley Jon said...

Just FYI, the Brockley Streetcar has obviously been a success, as there is another Streetcar now, round the corner in Reynard Close on the west side of the station, and yet another parked at the New Cross end of Lewisham Way :)

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