Babur fronts Good Curry Guide 2007

Local Indian restaurant Babur has celebrated its 22nd birthday by making the front cover of the 2007 Good Curry Guide.

Babur has already been namechecked several times here as one of the best places to eat in the area (even though it's on Brockley Rise in Forest Hill) and is definitely one of the bright stars in a relatively dark firmament.

The founder Emdad Rahman explains:

"We have four chefs who, between them, produce authentic food with a twist from all corners of the Indian sub-continent."

"Our wine consultant is the Master of Wine to a host of famous west end restaurants including the Cinnamon Club, Chez Gerard, Moro and the Dorchester Hotel."

The restaurant's 22nd anniversary has also been marked with expansion:

"This year we have already redesigned and refurbished the restaurant and have expanded the seating to take 72 diners.

"To mark our birthday we have created a special tasting menu, based on old favourites as well as the top dishes from the a la carte, to give diners the chance to sample the best of everything."


Spincat said...

Quite agree with the comments on Babur. In Forest Hill though ?? I have seen some weird Brockley definitions, but really!

Definitions used here as to what is and isn't in Brockle seem to be totally subjective - as, indeed, are my definitions! :-)

I live in Crofton Park, where the Babur is situated, and Crofton Park was the original Brockley, the hamlet of Brockley was here, clustered round Brockley manor.

In my mental map, Brockley/Crofton Park stretches from the South Circular, at which point it becomes forest Hill, to just above Brockley Cross and includes the shops leading to Honor Oak Park station - because I like them.
The northern part of Brockley/Crofton Park - the bit above those two dodgy roundabouts - seems to be regarded as a main part of Brockley on this blog, whereas to me it is New Cross. The street with the fabulous Meze Mangal seems to be 'Brockley' for those living up that end - it is Lewisham for me, though I would happily annex it.

leenewham said...

I haven't been to babur, I walked past it last weekend (I popped into the Morrocan cafe in Crofton park too, which was excellent, the mint tea is to die for and the service really friendly and 'local') Cinnamon in Upper Brockley Road has brilliant food, very impressed. I will have to give babur a try too.

Jon said...

Spincat, here a quick and easy reference - if you have an SE4 postcode (as Meze Mangal and that part of Lewisham Way does), you're in Brockley! Babur's is SE23, so it's in Forest Hill. Although like you, I'm open to negotiation! Babur is definitely one I'm keen to adopt...

Spincat said...

I see what you mean. What I was talking about really was the mental maps we make of places in a large city like London. I am in SE4 and Babur is less than 2 minutes walk from me, so it is odd for me to think of it as Forest Hill, an area I mentally define as a place 25 minutes walk away along the south circular! I didn't realise that postcodes actually related to specific place names - they seem so random to me.

Jon said...

Yeah, postcodes are a funny thing - a whole other topic! Take for instance the fact that the SE London postcodes go in alphabetical order up to SE19, after which there are some randoms stuck on the end!

I know what you mean about the mental map, and what goes where. It's easier in the countryside, where you can clearly see which villages you're rolling into. London is just one big sprawl.

BrockleyBiker said...

Sorry to bump such an old topic but I want a curry tonight. The question is: Babur or Cinnamon? I have tried and liked both so I am lost as to which to go for.

drakefell debaser said...

Haven't had tried Cinnamon for a while now but I did order a lamb biryiani from Babur the other weekend which was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of Cinnamon (great dhansaks), though must admit I've only tried Babur once. Was slightly disappointed with the food, and had food poisoning 24 hours later, which may have been coincidence or extremely bad luck, but it's left me a bit wary.

Headhunter said...

Oh god, according to Spin Cat, as I live on Manor Avenue, in the BROCKLEY conservation area, I actually live in New Cross! That must be worth a 10% cut in my house value...

I always thought of Babur as being in Honor Oak. For me, Crofton Park is the cluster of streets around Crofton Park Station and Honor Oak likewise round that station.

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