Lewisham Pool consultation

A reminder from Sue Luxton that the Loampit Vale pool consultation (see this article) is due to end tomorrow. The article is a very balanced presentation of the issues and is well worth a read. Max, the tireless campaigner for the joys of Ladywell Pooll, has already waded in with his response in the comments section.

The issue of the "windowless pool" seems to have been cleared up (ie. it will have windows) but Sue is chasing confirmation of this and we hope that she updates us when she gets it.


Ploomie said...

I have to admit having seen ladywell pool I'm in favour of a lewisham site nearer the station. I just hope they build something interesting and beautiful on the old ladywell site. Not more brick boxes like the awful Lewisham Police station (what WERE they thinking???)

max said...

This is exactly what the Council wants us to think of. If we need a pool at Ladywell or at Loampit Vale.

This is not the question, it was decided that a new pool would have been provided at the Town Centre and it was announced that it would have been a "flagship state-of-the-art centre".
The Mayor should just get on the job to fullfil his promise without bothering people with meaningless consultations.

This consultation (costing £20k) is only a red herring to avoid discussing on the subject matter that is the specifications of the new pool.

It's a bog-standard provision, its planning is a completely botched job and the Mayor should send the plan back to the drawing board.
Saying yes to this plan is accepting a sub-standard service.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick
Thanks for your comments. I received a v prompt response from the council officer in charge of the pool project to most of my questions, which I've posted on my blog: http://greenladywell.blogspot.com/2007/07/loampit-pool-ground-floor-with-windows.html

Best wishes


Brockley Nick said...

Thanks Sue, that's great.

Ploomie said...

I had someone call me about htis for an ove the phone questionaire.

Apparently the current ladywell pool is small and the new onw, wherever that may be will be bigger. I presume Max doesn't have any problem with the closure of Ladywell (which is an incredibly ugly building), but only the specifications of the new one (please correct me if I am wrong). It's a shame that there aren't facilities to refurbish ladywell and build one in loampit vale.

I am a bit shocked at the amount of consultations that are going on which are incredibly expensive.

Is there a model of the proposed development? If not, why not? I know these are expensive (an architectural model can cost hundreds of thousands of pounds), but why not a virtual 3d rendering online for people to see? Like the proposed gateway project, thereis nothing for anyone to see to get excited by and capture our imagination.

I'm sure it was different back in Frank Lloyd Wrights day.

max said...

Hi Lee,
I have to say I don't dislike the look of Ladywell but that's quite irrelevant, the real issue is what would replace Ladywell.
This is the chance to get something good but unfortunately the Council doesn't want to do anything more than what planned and that's not good enough.

It's not true that Ladywell is small. The main pool has the same amount of lane pool as the main pool planned at Loampit Vale.

Ladywell is 33.5m long and has 6 lanes. Loampit Vale is supposed to have 8 lanes x 25 m. In both cases it's 200 m.

The 8 lanes 25m option is preferred by the club because they can have better competitions. Ladywell pool is liked quite a lot by regular swimmers because it's longer than usual so you don't need to turn that often. You have a bette swimming experience at Ladywell compared to a 25m pool. It's also quite an airy and bright environment inside.

Anyway, it's inconclusive, some like it one way, some other like it the other.

In terms of volume of water Ladywell is substantially bigger because it has a 3.8m deep end, it used to have diving boards but they have now been removed.

The problem is that at peak times Ladywell is overcrowded and with the extra-usage that the pool at Loampit Vale would generate a bigger pool is what is needed.

I posted this before but please read this if you haven't:
it's the paper that I wrote for the Overview and Scrutiny Business Panel of Lewisham Council and it details my criticisms towards the planning for the new leisure centre, not just the pool but also the lack of sufficient dry sport provision.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately we all missed the point. The management were so useless, the staff so halfwitted and the council so determined to close it that it is now closed due to Legionaries disease! Buy Buy ladywell pool - good ridence. Perhaps they will build something which is not a health hazard,.

max said...

I heard today that it will reopen this Wednesday actually, I had it from somebody that had spoken directly to the right people at Council so quite reliable. Apparently all remedy works have been done and they are waiting the go ahead from the health and safety people.

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