Brockley Police station 'targeted for closure'

We're not sure how much of a role a police station that's only open between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday has to play in the war on terror, but according to The People, our "cop-shop" is one of many that face the axe under a review of Met Police spending - threatening national security in the process.

In case you've no idea where it is, it's here on Howson Road.

Visible policing is an important part of helping people to feel safe and localised services help people to relate to the police, but as its tucked away out of sight and barely open at the moment, we don't think this is likely to make much difference to Brockley street life.

In fact, the thing that most irritated us about the article was this sentence:

The London police stations targeted for closure are mainly in run-down areas such as Rotherhithe, Camberwell, Streatham, Brockley and Brixton. Others at risk include East Dulwich.

Don't they know that Brockley residents now receive pretentious property lifestyle magazines?

How do you feel about the plans?


Anonymous said...

Considering that the station is only open for about 4 hours a day it sounds like a closure would save a lot of 'fixed cost' expenditure. If there are economies of scale to be had in centrallising resources, allowing them to be consolidated makes sense! Especially if it means it results in higher numbers of bobbies.

Secondly, I also heard that the council are thinking about placing 'police boxs' at the end of selected streets in our area, how about that eh??

Ploomie said...

I like the police box idea.

I think the idea that broskley is 'run down' is a bit out of order though!

Anonymous said...

Run down area?! The cheek! Wonder where the journo who wrote that piece lives!

Has anyone seen a copper in Brockley? Can't recall ever having done ...

Anonymous said...

I walk past the station once a week and my main bug bear about it is that no one has bothered to cut the hedge - it prickly growth reaches virtually across the footpath. It strikes me that those who work inside have no interest in the building or its environs.

I expect it’s some property developers dream.

As to coppers in Brockley, I see them every Friday inside City Noodles eating Chinese – and it’s never the same bunch!

Brockley Nick said...

Community policing at its best!

Anonymous said...

Ive seen a number of coppers around the station - doing the 'neighbourhood watch' bit for local policing. I just hope that a closure doesn't just mean an increase in local crime. :o(

Anonymous said...

I've also heard that the police are keen to sell off Brockley Station, once the Ladywell and Crofton Park Safer Neighbourhood teams have their "shop" to be based from - the plan is that each of the SNTs have a shop front, or at least a shop between 2 teams, with the aim that they are more accessible to people.

I agree that the Howson Road police station is a bit out of the way, and I imagine the overheads for the police on a building that size are substantial. However, I also heard somewhere that the building was given over to the people of Brockley in a covenant or smthg - anyone know any more on this?

The current problem they are having is finding a shop conveniently located between the two wards. I can think of a couple of shops at the end of Adelaide Avenue that spring to mind and are perfectly located for both teams, but are not unfortunely for sale or available to rent ;).

I regularly see the Ladywell ward SNT on the beat in the area, particularly around school finishing time - do you really never see them about? There is a team of 6 - a sergeant, 2 PCs and 3 PCSOs (the sergeant is very recently appointed as the previous one got promoted). They have been called out of the ward a bit more recently due to the critical alert level, but bar terrorist threats and one or two other big London events they are just for Ladywell ward. Likewise the Brockley team (which has a sergeant, 2 PCs and 6 PCSOs). Details on:

Incidentally, if anyone wants to get more involved with setting the local police team's agenda, you can always join the Safer Neighbourhood Panel, which is made up of local residents and meets every 3 months to discuss what priorities the team should focus on for the next period. Happy to provide further info, or ask one of the team when you next see them on the beat ;)

Anonymous said...

sorry, that link didn't work, try:

Brockley Jon said...
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Anonymous said...

The only police i ever see in Brockley are the ones hurtling through at a hundred miles an hour rudely spilling my Cappuccino as they use our peaceful little suburb as a cut through from Lewisham to New Cross/Peckham.

I live near Adelaide Avenue and the noise from sirens does my head in - the Police are constantly driving around with their sirens on even when there is no traffic around. Does anyone else notice this? Maybe the station has ran out of donuts or something.

Speaking of noisey motorists (let me have my moment) the practice of blaring loud music out of cars with modified base turned up drives me insane as a resident. Sometimes i have to even turn the TV up in my living room as the music outside from cars is so loud. I have never encountered this anywhere else in the world before moving to SE4.

Anyway, in conclusion good riddence to the police station. If we are lucky they may turn it into flats, we dont have enough of those :)

Ploomie said...

Is anonymous confusing Lewish Police station with the Brockley one? I too am not a fan of late night police sirens on Lewisham Way, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with the police station this blog is talking about.

Anonymous said...

If Brockers is such a run down area, surely we need a cop shop to keep unruly elements in order. Why do the powers that be assume that only people in "nice" areas need police stations? Perhaps so that the police don't have to deal with anything too upsetting other than deal with lost pets or badly parked cars?

Anonymous said...

Back on the agenda..according to the Evening Standard tonight.

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