Brockley Police station 'targeted for closure'

We're not sure how much of a role a police station that's only open between 10am and 2pm Monday to Friday has to play in the war on terror, but according to The People, our "cop-shop" is one of many that face the axe under a review of Met Police spending - threatening national security in the process.

In case you've no idea where it is, it's here on Howson Road.

Visible policing is an important part of helping people to feel safe and localised services help people to relate to the police, but as its tucked away out of sight and barely open at the moment, we don't think this is likely to make much difference to Brockley street life.

In fact, the thing that most irritated us about the article was this sentence:

The London police stations targeted for closure are mainly in run-down areas such as Rotherhithe, Camberwell, Streatham, Brockley and Brixton. Others at risk include East Dulwich.

Don't they know that Brockley residents now receive pretentious property lifestyle magazines?

How do you feel about the plans?