Safer Neighbourhood advice at Upper Brockley Road

The end of Upper Brockley Road closest to Lewisham Way has, for some time, been a centre for cooperation between police and residents to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area. So it's a fitting location for the Safer Lewisham Community bus to visit.

The bus will be parked at the parade from today until Friday 27th to give advice on a range of topics from environmental issues to police matters. The Brockley Safer Neighbourhood team will be present and there will also be council representatives on hand to give advice on starting up a small buisness and what grants and help are avaliable as well as other useful help, such as drugs awarness.

Thanks to Jackie for the news.


Ploomie said...

Spot the council representative.
Nope, me neither.

It would be nice to have had some advice and something about small businesses too, but the council don't seem much bothered with this part of Brockley.

Shame, as people keep telling me, it could do with some help.

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