As has been mentioned by other posters, anyone who lives in Brockley will know that there is no shortage of awful pizza / chicken / miscellaneous takeaways in the area, who shove their leaflets through your door on a regular basis.

However, if you want a "nice" pizza, rather than one that comes with a free bottle of Pepsi or a set of BBQ chicken wings chucked in, then give La Lanterna's takeaway pizzas a try.

The quality of La Lanterna's food has been a subject of some debate on this site, but we ordered two pizzas from them last week to take away and were very pleased with the results: 10 minutes to collect, great range to choose from and the ingredients looked like what they're supposed to (eg: ham's in strips, rather than reconstituted cubes and vegetables are distinguishable from one another).


Anonymous said...

They do indeed do very fine pizzas.

I was one of the people who praised their food in the past, but I ate there a couple of times recently and it was a bit variable; some dishes were too greasy and salty, not as good as I'd remembered. Don't know if this is a change of chefs or what.

The pizzas are still good though.

Anonymous said...

Nice tip - thanks.
Btw - the jerk chicken takeaway in Crofton Park (just along from the Rivoli Ballroom) is excellent.


The Oracle said...

RIDDLE ME THIS... it is curtains for the flies. But why?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what pizza's I had from there then?

Mine was CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never had a bad one from Dominics, personally.

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